Gymnastics School Finds Portable Aluminum Bleachers Are The Perfect Solution For Their Seating Needs

aluminum bleachers

Victoria Cates and Robyn James of the Broadway Gymnastic School on the facility’s new Portable Aluminum Bleachers.

Portable Aluminum Bleachers were found to be a great solution for seating at the Broadway Gymnastic School in Los Angeles.

After all, a gymnastics school is a very busy place. There are young people doing cartwheels, flips and back handsprings. Parents come in and out.  And staff members keep it all organized.

Plus, mats and pieces of apparatus need to be moved from time to time for different events and competitions.

That’s why the staff purchased two sets of 3-row Tip and Roll Aluminum Bleachers from The Park and Facilities Catalog.


“We choose to add in the bleachers behind the plain seats to effectively seat more people and organize our parent observation area,” said Victoria Cates, School Groups and Special Events Director. “Parents have mentioned that with the addition of the bleachers, it has added more comfort and space while their student is in class. In addition, they provide more space for friends and family to sit out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the hallways.”


School teaches gymnasts for the past 40 years

The Broadway Gymnastic School has been “helping children grow” since 1979.

The school accommodates all types of students – from those who want to learn a new sport, just stay in shape or become a serious Olympic-type competitor.

What’s also nice about the school is they are able to accommodate children with special needs.

They have a giant, 29,000 square foot facility where all this gymnastic activity takes place. Their classes have names ranging from Baby Gym to Tumbling Toddlers to Broadway Aerials and much more. They even offer adult gymnastic classes so parents can stay in shape as well.

The building is also used for birthday parties and camps.

portable bleachers

Portable bleachers with wheels that can be moved by hand.

Aluminum bleachers that can be rolled to different locations

As you can imagine, having an area for organized seating is a must.

What’s great about bleachers with just a few rows, is that the length can be extended to provide plenty of seating. Choose from 7.5 feet to 21 feet in length which will hold 42 people. The school added 9-foot bleachers for their particular needs.

“The height of the bleachers provides young kids an easier ability to watch and see what’s going on,” Victoria mentioned. “Another plus is that larger groups can sit together. Having the bleachers added creates a sense of a real sporting venue. They are also quiet when walked on.”

She mentioned that the portable aluminum bleachers are “wonderful” because they can be moved around the facility to accommodate different competitions. They provide additional seating where needed.

These “Show and Stow” series aluminum bleachers are built with a quality angle understructure. The seat planks are manufactured with high-quality anodized aluminum that is durable and easy to clean.

The welded joint structure feature swivel casters with non-marring wheels and rubber foot pads to protect the flooring. These bleachers are light and can be easily wheeled around. For outdoor use, ground sill stabilizers and anchors are necessary.

All the aluminum bleachers built by The Park and Facilities Catalog are IBC Compliant and made to last. The sturdy frame is held together by top-grade galvanized hardware.

As you can see, when the Broadway Gymnastic School added their new aluminum bleachers, they “stuck the landing” when it comes to providing great spectator site at their facility.

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