Quick Ship Aluminum Bleachers Available When You Need Spectator Seating FAST!

quick ship aluminum bleachers

Quick Ship Aluminum Bleachers can be loaded up on a truck from our warehouse in just three business days.

Quick ship aluminum bleachers are an event-saver for different scenarios when you need outdoor seating quickly.

Some of those scenarios might be:

  • Large grandstand project not completed? Underestimated the number of fans attending your football games? Quick ship aluminum bleachers can fill in the gap.
  • Have an indoor seating situation, say a gymnastics studio or martial arts training facility, where you need seating? Tired of putting out all those folding chairs every night for parents and friends? Small 3 and 4-row bleachers are the perfect solution. They easily fit indoors and can also be ordered in various lengths, from 7.5 to 27 feet to fit your space. This will make your seating organized and safe. And they can be shipped from our warehouse in just THREE business days. You can even order custom sizes for specific dimensions to maximize density (although custom products probably can’t be quick-shipped. Call us to see what we can do).
  • Special events coming up? That could be a concert, graduation, parade, fair, whatever. Order these quick ship aluminum bleachers and you can be sure to provide nice, orderly spectator seating for any occasion.
  • Noticing a bunch of people dragging lawn chairs to other sporting events such as perhaps a soccer or lacrosse game? Maybe it’s time to provide better seating for them. A simple four-row bleacher with 27-foot long planks can seat as many as 72 people. And, the footprint of space required is very small.
  • On a tight budget but need seating at multiple locations? Consider Tip and Roll bleachers, that can be quickly shipped. These 4-row aluminum bleachers can easily be wheeled around from one location to another. These bleachers are very popular for indoor sporting events such as basketball or volleyball games where extra seating may be required.
  • Winning big! Every sports facility manager knows winning teams draw bigger crowds. If your team is on a winning streak, you certainly don’t want to have a bunch of parents and friends standing to watch the game, and possibly making ingress and egress difficult. Quick ship aluminum bleachers can come to the rescue when your team is on a hot streak.
quick ship tip and roll bleachers

Tip and Roll Bleachers that can be shipped from our warehouse in just 3 days.

Quick Ship Aluminum Bleachers without compromising quality

One of the factors to watch for when ordering smaller bleachers is the issue of quality. There are several places online that offer inexpensive 3-5 row bleachers they claim can be quick-shipped. But do they give up quality for speed? Safe bleachers still need to be a priority.

Here are key factors to look for when ordering aluminum bleachers built for safety and durability.

  • International Code Council compliant – aluminum bleachers are IBC compliant and built for safety.
  • Anodized seat planks – anodizing the seat planks is a process where the aluminum is converted by an electrochemical process that converts the surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. This process also adds a nice brilliance to the aluminum. The anodizing process prevents the metal from flaking or peeling.
  • The frame is hot-dipped galvanized to prevent the steel from corroding or rusting.
  • The seat ends and floorboards are closed with anodized end caps on all rows.
  • The hardware, nuts and bolts that hold the frame and planks together, are also galvanized.
  • Reputable manufacturer – since 2001, The Park and Facilities Catalog has supplied aluminum bleachers to thousands of schools, colleges, universities, parks, sports facilities, events, fairs and other locations across the US. Our selection not only includes the quick ship 3 and 4-row bleachers but also 5, 10 and 15-row aluminum bleachers. We also offer elevated bleachers and portable bleachers as well. We are the bleacher experts.

Experience shipping aluminum bleachers in a hurry

Special note on shipping times – while our quick ship aluminum bleachers provide some of the fastest lead times in the industry, please keep in mind that this is the window where we can ship these products fast from our warehouse.

However, that does not count transit time from our warehouse to your specific destination. Obviously, that time depends on your location and its proximity to our factory. However, we can provide a reliable time estimate so you know when your aluminum bleachers will arrive.

This is an era when customers expect products to be shipped quickly. That certainly applies to simple electronics, clothes or jewelry.

We managed to arrange for fast shipments with aluminum bleachers, a much larger and bulkier product, which is quite an accomplishment.

After all our years in the bleacher business, we’ve helped a countless number of sport facility and event managers a number of times when they needed spectator shipping fast.

We understand these things happen. That’s why we stockpile parts and hardware for these smaller bleacher structures.

When it comes to quick ship aluminum bleachers, manufactured with the same dependable quality as our larger bleachers, the expert staff at The Park and Facilities Catalog are the ones to call!




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