Quick Ship Park Benches When You Need Places For People To Sit ASAP

quick ship park benches

Quick Ship Park Benches in a wide selection are available by calling The Park and Facilities Catalog.

Quick Ship Park Benches are available for park and facility managers or construction superintendents who need to add commercial seating to their location very quickly.

As a major supplier in the commercial site furnishings industry since 2001, The Park and Facilities Catalog has distributed park and commercial benches to thousands of municipalities, restaurants, retail centers and other facilities across the US.

We know there are times when facility or park managers need benches to be delivered rapidly. There are instances when a project needs to be completed or public seating is required for a grand opening of a park, store, office building, etc.

That is why we stockpile benches: for those need-it-now situations. We call it ParkExpress!

We can ship many products in 1-3 business days. (Note: This means the park benches can be loaded onto a truck at our warehouse in an expedited time frame. However, this obviously does not count transit time from our warehouse to your destination. That would depend on the distance involved. Once your order is placed, we can send you an estimate of the total shipping time door to door).

There are no extra fees for our quick ship benches.

Because these products are part of our ParkExpress quick ship program, we need to let you know quantities are limited. That goes for colors too.

Even though these benches need to be delivered in a hurry, there is no compromise on quality. Our quick ship benches are commercial-grade and durable, not the outdoor consumer benches you might find at retail stores.

These benches are manufactured with top-grade materials whether they are metal, aluminum or recycled plastic. The welds are professionally implemented, adhering to quality MIG standards. The hardware is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Quick Ship Park Benches with different materials

Here are the types of quick ship park benches The Park and Facility Catalog keeps in stock for rush orders:

Metal benches: Our metal benches are covered with a thick thermoplastic coating that makes them resistant to all types of elements. Those harmful elements might include the sun’s unrelenting UV rays, salt air, cold weather, mold, infestation or mildew.

quick ship park benches metal

Metal benches that can be quick shipped in just a few days.

The tough coating on these benches will not peel, splinter or crack. You never need to sand them or repaint them.

In fact, because the coating is fade-resistant, these benches will retain their original luster for years.

Recycled plastic benches: these benches, made with HDPE #2 plastic from milk jugs and laundry detergent containers, are also available for rush orders.

More and more municipalities, parks, schools and colleges are adding recycled plastic benches as part of a “sustainability” drive to preserve the earth’s resources and reuse materials.

The durability of recycled plastic benches has improved incredibly over the years. All recycled plastic benches from The Park and Facilities Catalog are made in the USA.

Our recycled plastic benches are made with pure 100% processed plastic scrap. We do not add any cheap fillers.

The HDPE #2 plastic is a denser, hardier material. It won’t warp, crack or peel. Termites or mold won’t permeate the surface. For that reason, we offer a 50-year warranty, unheard of in the industry, against rotting, decay or infestation.

These low maintenance benches are also super easy to clean. Many times, all you need is soap and water (or a light industrial cleaner). Spray paint has a hard time adhering to the surface and can be easily removed.

If you are looking for LEED credits for environmentally-friendly construction practices, recycled plastic benches can be added under the category for Materials and Resources.

Aluminum benches: we have several aluminum benches that can be quick shipped. These benches come with or without backrests. Many are used as Players Benches for sports teams.

The great benefit of quick ship aluminum benches is that they are lightweight, yet incredibly durable.

quick ship aluminum benches

Aluminum benches that are part of the ParkExpress quick ship program.

Order aluminum benches with a portable base and you can easily move them around your grounds.

Now while these quick ship benches are made with aluminum, don’t think they are not strong or long-lasting.

Our aluminum planks are anodized with a clear, protective finish. That finish also gives the benches a nice appearance.

The great benefit of anodized aluminum is that it is very resistant to inclement weather. So, after years exposed to the hot sun, Ultra-violet rays and cold weather, these resilient benches will still retain their vibrance. They can easily be cleaned with just soap and water.

The frames are manufactured with hot-dipped galvanized steel. That process resists rust and corrosion.

Same with the hardware – hot-dipped galvanized as well.

We also place heavy-duty end caps at the end of the benches to make them safe to touch.

Order these handy benches in different lengths. Custom lengths are available, although that will require a longer time frame.

Aluminum is an incredible substance. And it comes from one of the most prevalent minerals on earth, so there is plenty of supply. Plus, because it is lightweight, shipping costs are low. Definitely a type of bench to consider when in a hurry.

As you can see, The Park and Facilities Catalog is the place to turn to when you need site furnishings quickly.

If you have a short time frame, call us. We can quick ship park benches in a very narrow time frame and allow you to provide safe, reliable and attractive places for people to sit.


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