Quick Ship Picnic Tables When You Need Outdoor Furnishings Fast For Outdoor Dining

quick ship picnic tables

Quick ship picnic tables similar to this one are available for rush situations.

Quick Ship Picnic Tables in several styles are available from The Park and Facilities Catalog for park and facility managers in a hurry.

The Park Catalog has been in business since 2001. Since then we supplied concrete, wood, recycled plastic and metal picnic tables to thousands of parks, municipalities, restaurants, retail centers and other facilities.

With all those years of experience, we understand how some facility or park managers might have a need for picnic tables to be delivered FAST. ASAP. Pronto.

We get it. We can help.

Because we handled so many orders for last-minute site furnishings, The Park and Facilities Catalog has stockpiled certain products we know are in demand and oftentimes need to be shipped quickly.

Picnic tables are one of those items.

We know rush orders. Perhaps a park’s department needs additional picnic tables for an event. Or for a new park opening. Maybe their present picnic tables were vandalized. Or they just wore out. Perhaps a new restaurant is opening and wants to offer outdoor dining. For that reason, we developed a quick ship program called ParkExpress.

Quick Ship Picnic Tables for rush situations

For example, The Park and Facilities Catalog keeps plenty of quick ship picnic tables built to last in stock.

Our metal picnic tables are covered with a thick thermoplastic coating that makes them impervious to all sorts of damaging elements.

metal picnic tables

Metal picnic tables.

For one, these quick ship picnic tables will never crack, peel or warp. The surface is impervious to mold, mildew and termites. Maintenance is easy. They can be cleaned with soap and water or a light industrial cleaner. Sanding or refinishing is not required.

In addition, this protective surface repeals paint. So graffiti is easy to remove. That’s good to know when you want to clean up those tables quickly and remove any offensive language or artwork.

That thick coating is also resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays and is fade resistant. As you know, the sun can be brutal on any furnishings left outside 365 days a year. But with our special coating, those tables will keep that original look and color for many years to come.

Sounds great? It gets better

Because our thermoplastic coating is so tough, on certain products we offer a 5-year warranty against rot, mildew or termite infestation. That is a long warranty for outdoor site furnishings.

Note that quantities for quick ship picnic tables are limited. Colors for many tables will be limited to black, green, light blue and red.

But always call, we might have more product in stock to handle your needs.

Recycled plastic picnic tables as a “green” alternative

Another option to consider for quick ship picnic tables are recycled plastic picnic tables.

We have some recycled plastic picnic tables in stock and ready to ship.

quick ship recycled plastic picnic tables

Recycled plastic picnic tables that can be quick shipped in a few days from our warehouse.

Recycled plastic picnic tables are very popular now, for several reasons.

First, most municipalities, schools and other facilities have initiatives to promote sustainability.

When it comes to outdoor site furnishings, what better way to promote a green program than to install picnic tables manufactured from used plastic milk jugs and detergent containers?

Fortunately, in this day and age, you don’t need to sacrifice quality to install pro-environment furnishings.

With several advances in manufacturing technology over the past decade, the quality of recycled plastic picnic tables has improved dramatically. (Especially the products The Park and Facilities Catalog offers, which are made in the USA).

Our quick ship picnic tables made with recycled plastic are produced with 100% pure plastic scrap that has been filtered and ground down into pure pellets, ideal for manufacturing. To save money, some manufacturers add sawdust and other fillers that don’t add anything to the quality. We don’t.

Secondly, the best plastic for quick ship picnic tables is from HDPE #2 plastic scrap. That’s the more durable and thicker plastic found in milk jugs and laundry containers.

Because we use those hardier materials, these quick ship picnic tables won’t warp, crack or peel.

In fact, we offer an incredible 50-year warranty, that’s right 50 years, that the recycled plastic planks won’t rot, decay or termite infestation.

In addition, our recycled plastic picnic tables are low-maintenance and super easy to clean. They don’t need to be sanded or refinished like wooden picnic tables.

Quick ship recycled plastic picnic tables also qualify for LEED credits under Materials and Resources.

These picnic tables are super attractive too.

You can now choose from several vibrant colors, not just the traditional cedar look. The new colors include red, black, blue, gray, brown and white. (However, those colors are not for quick ship. Although give us a call and we can check the inventory.)

For quick ship picnic tables made with recycled plastic, the quantity is limited to four. But as we always say, call anyway and we can check on availability and shipping times).

There is no extra charge for our quick ship picnic tables.

That’s just an added value service The Park Catalog is happy to offer.

We want visitors to your facility to be happy, even if it’s crunch time.

Call us and we can help get those durable and attractive quick ship picnic tables to your location in time for the crowds to enjoy a nice meal outdoors.

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