Recycled Plastic Benches That Require Little Maintenance Added To Popular Camp In Pennsylvania

recycled plastic benches

Recycled plastic benches recently added to Camp Saginaw, a popular summer destination for kids from 6 to 16.

Recycled plastic benches from The Park and Facilities Catalog fill the needs of a summer camp located in Eastern Pennsylvania and makes their maintenance chores much easier.

The location is called Camp Saginaw. Every summer, it’s a fun-filled home away from home to about 400 boys and girls ranging from ages 6 to 16.

There they participate in more than 50 activities that according to their website, strengthen athletic abilities, cultivate artistic talents and helps them make new friends.

The camp is accredited ty the American Camping Association and operated by the same family for the past 33 years.

The recycled plastic benches were installed in the “Central Camp” area surrounding a large fire pit.

“We choose these benches because they are indestructible,” said Mike Petkov, owner, and director. “For years we used PT wood and the wood required regular maintenance. These benches allow us to set ‘em and forget ‘em.”

“We are very happy with the benches,” he added.

We’re glad to hear these recycled plastic benches do the job for this busy summer destination.

Camp Saginaw certainly provides a great experience for children.

The camp has a 90% camper return rate and as one mom put it, “Saginaw really puts the camper first!”

In operation since 1927, Camp Saginaw has created a reputation as a premier summer camp for children from all around the world.

According to their website, “Our program is designed to expose children to a variety of activities, encouraging each child to develop new skills. We not only work to improve their athletic and artistic abilities – we also work hard to foster social relationships, develop independence and promote individual growth. We want each camper to have the summer of their life!”

Recycled plastic benches withstand harsh conditions

recycled plastic benches

Recycled plastic benches available in cedar, grey or brown.

The use of these durable and attractive recycled plastic benches is certainly a testament to the camp’s effort to provide top-notch facilities and site amenities for visitors.

These hardy benches are manufactured with very pure recycled plastic scrap and without any cheap fillers such as sawdust.

The color is molded into the recycled plastic planks. So, there is never any need to paint or stain as you would find with a wooden park bench.

These plastic benches are also resistant to mold, mildew, infestation, weather and harmful UV rays from the sun. After all, since these benches are installed outside, they are subject to all types of weather conditions year-round.

That means you need a tough bench. With the latest advancements in recycling technology, these benches are built to last a long time.

They are also great for the environment. Every time a recycled plastic bench is built, it means thousands of milk jugs and laundry containers won’t be filling up a landfill.

Included with the bench is stainless steel hardware for extra durability to keep all parts fastened together without harmful rust or corrosion.

Interestingly, these recycled plastic benches are designed to look like the traditional park benches that were once built in the late 1930s as part of the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and the American New Deal.

They have the appearance of a traditional wooden bench. But since the benches are made with recycled plastic, they are virtually maintenance-free. Most of the time they can be cleaned simply with soap and water.

There is never a need to sand, refinish or paint these benches. Plus, you can count on this product not to warp, splinter or rot.

Congratulations to Camp Saginaw from The Park and Facilities Catalog for their long history of providing a fun, educational and rewarding experience for their visitors.

When people gather around the “Central Camp” fire at night, we’re glad they will enjoy the quality of their new Recycled Plastic Benches and appreciate how the camp is contributing to a better environment for future generations.





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