Tips and Advice for Property Managers from Chris George, CEO of The Park Catalog

property_managers_site_amenitiesThis is an open letter to property managers from across country.

The Park Catalog is the property managers’ catalog.

The Park Catalog has been serving property managers for a long time because we know and understand the needs of both you and the properties you manage.

Property management companies and properties alike have reputations. “A dangerous parking lot,” is not the reputation you want associated with your property.   We all aim to shine a positive light on public spaces, trying to promote testimonies like “Clean,” “well lit,” “safe” and “attractive.” Site furnishings are the key to creating that positive environment and branding commercial and multi-family properties, an increasingly important factor as these markets have grown and consolidated over the past two decades.

For better or worse, the quality of your commercial site furnishings defines your property’s brand, not entirely but in an outsized way relative to investment.  They are usually the first impression of your property and set the tone of how visitors will experience a space. At a small fraction of your asset value, they can make or break a property.

We understand that you must operate your properties in a way that maximizes value for the owner and tenant alike.  Clean, safe, functional and inviting common areas are essential to maximizing your property’s value.

theparkcatalog trash can

Commercial trash cans

theparkcatalog park bench

Park bench

theparkcatalog bike rack

Custom bike rack

For multifamily property managers, industry trends speak for themselves: clean functional and stylish amenities mean higher rent and tenant retention.  That means higher value.

Companies like Post Properties, Camden Living, Avalon Bay, Gables and others have become familiar names to apartment seekers.  They have excellent reputations because they have focused on branding by creating inviting, stylish properties.  These companies have recognized and leveraged that the tenant experience is not just about personal living space. Common area amenities and conveniences play an enormous role in creating communities among residential properties. All of this means that the company with one or a few assets must compete and stand out against better funded competition.  So large or small, you still need to make a good impression.

We have a sales team dedicated to multi-family managers.  We help with budgeting, product selection, logistics and purchasing programs that benefit large and small owners alike.  Call us today and ask for a multi-family specialist who can help you coordinate a site furnishings program that makes the right impression at a budget you can afford.

Whether it is traffic control products, clubhouse and athletic facility supplies, or pool and recreation areas we have a selection for just about any price point and any climate.  If you struggle with harsh elements in your environment, selecting the right materials and coatings make a big difference in product longevity and the value of your purchase.  We offer you all the resources you need online at to buy smart, or if you prefer, call and speak to an expert at 1-800-695-3503.

To Retail Property Managers:  There are so many opportunities to make a positive impression with site furnishings that increase retail traffic and sales.

The commercial real estate market has been a marketplace that has moved aggressively toward branding since the Simon Properties IPO in December of 1993.  Prior to then, the only real branding was from managers and leasing agents like CBRE, Colliers and JLL.  When David Simon took over as CEO in 1995 he was very vocal and aggressive about his goal to build Simon into a household brand.  Today it is probably the best known real estate brand (owner/operator) in the commercial real estate business.

However, it is by no means the only retail real estate brand as many others have recognized the value of real estate branding.  Whether it is factory outlets, grocery anchored community center, malls or other specialty retail venues there are many great companies building brands.

Our goal at The Park Catalog is to provide you with the site furnishings that make your center more inviting and accessible to you target retail demographic.  We carry a full line of logo benches, bike racks, and trash cans that can let shoppers know that this is not just a nice shopping center….it’s a Kimco Center!

If you believe there is value in your real estate brand, call us.  We would like to share our ideas to help distinguish and brand your properties in ways that are fun, noticeable and profitable.  If you are interested in a free consultation on ideas to better market and position your property using site furnishings, please call to schedule a meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Chris George

About Christopher George

Christopher George
Chris George founded The Park Catalog in 2001, but has been a park enthusiast his whole life. Among his many park adventures in the US and abroad he’s hiked in the Brazilian Rain Forests, navigated the game reserves of Kruger Park and most recently explored the State and National Parks of Moab, Utah with his eldest daughter. Always ready for his next mission, Chris translates his sense of adventure into his career as well, pursuing new routes with gusto. His current goal is to personally visit and photograph The Park Catalog’s products in every national park in the US and Canada. However, his favorite park is Cornell Park in Delray Beach, FL where he walks his dog Zeppe every day.

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