Wooden Picnic Tables Best When Made With Commercial-Grade Pressure-Treated Planks

wooden picnic tables

Wooden picnic tables and the advantages of using pressure-treated planks.

Wooden Picnic Tables, especially new ones or those in good shape, are an inviting sight when families go to the park for an afternoon.

Now is the time to consider ordering new wooden picnic tables to be ready for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

For best results, use commercial-grade wooden planks that are pressure-treated by experts.

Pressure-treated wood is the same tough material you see used for docks, boat pilings, and decks.

Wooden picnic tables undergo pressure-treatment for durability

Some of the advantages of this process when it comes to picnic tables are:

  • Insect, Fungus and Moisture Resistance: wood in its natural state tends to break down very quickly, especially when water seeps into the fibers. This creates an environment for bacteria and fungus. With pressure-treated wood, a preserving compound is forced with intense pressure deep into the wood grain. This chemical compound resists fungus, bacteria, termites, carpenter ants and other insects. Plus, the wood is not subject to expansion and contraction due to moisture during cold or hot months.
  • Durability: that intense pressure also tends to make the wood fibers denser, which makes them more durable and stronger.
  • Fire resistance: some pressure-treated wood is also resistant to fire damage.
  • Cost: because the picnic tables are made with wood, they are less expensive than products made with other materials such as concrete picnic tables or metal picnic tables. They are even less costly than recycled plastic picnic tables which are made from 100% pure discarded plastic scrap. That recycled scrap must undergo an extensive process to turn the used plastic into a new product.
  • Colors: many people might think that wooden picnic tables only come in one color. But some products have options for pressure treated, red stain or untreated pine.
  • Frame colors: since most of these wooden picnic tables are supported by metal frames, there are quite a few options available if you want to add some color to tables. The metal frames are covered with an electrostatically-charged powder coating, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. That coating is available in a variety of colors. For example, some of those colors include white, red, brown, beige, blue, burgundy, yellow, purple, black, dark grey and green. You can also order galvanized frames, which are treated with a hardy coating that is super long-lasting.
  • Treatment: the pressure-treated wood can be restained later to add a new layer of protection against the elements and UV rays.
  • Aesthetics: it’s hard to beat the natural look of wooden picnic tables. Since these tables are positioned outdoors, surrounded by trees, shrubs, and grass, they fit right into the landscape.

One of the fun applications we have seen here at The Park and Facilities Catalog is the custom painting of wooden picnic tables by local artists.

What a great fund-raising idea! Local artists are asked to paint the tables, sometimes adhering to a certain theme, and then the tables are auctioned off later to generate funds for a parks department or other organization.

These unique tables are also a great attention-grabber for any project. Local TV stations and newspapers love to cover these projects because it’s an interesting community-oriented, positive story with great visuals.

wooden picnic tables

Wooden picnic table with bolt-through frame for easy access.

Consider these factors when ordering wood picnic tables

Here are a few tips when ordering wooden picnic tables:

  • Be sure to order tables with galvanized or stainless steel hardware to connect all the pieces. This type of steel is resistant to the elements and won’t rust or corrode.
  • Consider whether you want the table to be portable where it can be moved to different locations. (However, be sure you can secure these lightweight tables with a metal chain. Thieves will be thieves and an attractive new, picnic table might also catch their attention as well.)
  • Other mounting options that are more secure include In-Ground or Surface mounts. With In-ground installations, a hole is dug, and the posts are secured into the ground with concrete. With a Surface mount, the tables are bolted into a concrete slab.
  • Make sure all the parts are welded together using the top-quality MIG welding process.
  • Think about length. There are several options starting at generally at 6-foot tables plus 8 and 10-foot options. But you may want to order a few 12-foot tables for larger family gatherings.
  • ADA tables: don’t forget to add a few wooden picnic tables with extended tabletops or center cutouts for wheelchair access. It is estimated about 20% of the American population has some disability and you want your park to be inclusive for those with difficulties.
  • Access: you might think a wooden picnic table just comes in the traditional A-frame type design. Not so. There are plenty of better options like pedestal mounted tables or bolt-through frames with a walk-through design that creates easier access for users.

Take an inventory of your park or facility. Are there plenty of clean, safe places for them to sit and enjoy a meal outdoors? How about on weekends when people head outside?

What about near charcoal grills? Barbecuing is now more popular than ever and frequently when you visit a park on weekends, all the grills are in use. Do you need to add more park grills too?

This upcoming season spruce up your parks or landscape with new wooden picnic tables or add some excitement with a picnic table painting contest. Residents will appreciate the improvements, clean places to eat and the effort!





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