How Powder-Coated Aluminum Bleachers Can Display Your Team Colors

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Make your aluminum bleachers stand out with powder-coated colors.

By Gerald Dlubala

Powder-coated aluminum bleachers turn your stadium or event venue into an eye-catching, color-matched, personalized, home-game event.

By adding a color aspect to standard aluminum bleachers, your venue seating will take on a personalized look and feel because you can choose the color.

What better color to choose than those of the team that calls your field their home. Powder-coated, custom-colored bleachers allow you to show off your creative side by being the artist in erecting a unique aluminum bleacher structure customized for your fans and teams.

What exactly is powder coating

Powder-coating is a process similar to painting. But instead of wet paint spray, you are spraying a finely ground (think baking flour) mixture of paint pigment, polymer resin, leveling agents, and other additives.

That mixture of powdery particles is electrostatically charged, making them attracted to the intended part of the structure to be powder-coated, which is grounded to cause the attraction process.

After it is coated, the piece is subjected to high heat, allowing the powder and resin to flow, level out, and then cure to its desired, hardened, state.

As with any such detailed process, it is critical that the surface to be coated be prepared correctly and without flaw.

The pre-treating of the material to be powder-coated is critical and involves a rigorous initial cleaning, followed by a thorough rinsing and a complete final drying. Then the powder coat process can be applied, followed by the heat treatment for final curing. When this powder-coating process is completed, you have bleacher components that have many advantages over their standard silver, non-coated counterparts.

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Add team colors to your aluminum bleachers to foster team spirit.

Advantages of adding powder-coated aluminum bleachers

  • Color Choice. Although the four primary color choices are red, blue, navy and green, it is possible to order custom colors for your specific needs. Visualize your field surrounded with powder-coated, color enhanced seating, extending the team colors off of the field and up into the bleachers. While most fields will have standard, silver bleachers, your aluminum bleachers will stand out because of the color-coordinated coating that signifies and identifies your home field.
  • Glare Reduction. While standard aluminum bleachers are the best and most economical way to seat large groups of people, they can, depending on the amount and angle of both sunlight and field lights, have a reflective glare coming off of them. While this reflection can make for nice photos and bring back memories we’ve all had in the past, that glare can potentially affect the viewing of the action on the field, or worse, send flashes of blinding glare to the players on the field, possibly causing unsafe conditions. Powder-coated aluminum bleachers remove the glare factor, replacing it instead with a unique, comforting, and pleasing, color washed view of the stands and fan base.
  • Additional Environmental Protection. Once properly applied and cured, powder-coated aluminum bleachers offer additional protection from environmental conditions that could typically cause concern over other seating options, such as UV rays, wind, rain, general air pollution, changing climate conditions, fading, and in some locations, atmospheric makeup (salt water/coastal conditions/high moisture and humidity levels).
  • Chip and Crack Resistance. Powder coating offers maximized chip and crack protection while retaining performance efficiency and code compliance, even ADA accessibility compliance. Powder-coating also resists the risks normally associated with scratches, abrasions, corrosion, fading issues and all other occurrences resulting from normal and repeated use and wear.
  • Easy Maintenance. Powder coated bleachers, as with standard aluminum bleachers, are constructed to always be easy to clean and maintain with minimal work and time spent.
  • Life Expectancy. When installing powder-coated aluminum bleachers, the specifics can depend on your color choice and unique site conditions, but powder coating is more durable than paint alone, and eliminates the need for having harsh and potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals on hand, as those are not required or recommended for powder-coated materials. Life expectancy is obviously also dependent on the bleachers being installed indoors, away from outside environmental conditions, or outside, subject to all nature has to offer.
  • Psychological Benefits. Maybe a topic that’s not often thought about or discussed, but powder-coated aluminum bleachers in the team’s colors may have psychological benefits for the home squad, as well as the fans. When the players come out onto the field, looking into the stands to see their friends, fans, supporters and family in aluminum bleachers custom colored for their games, adrenalin starts flowing a little more, the team gets a little more pumped up, and the game gets a little bigger meaning. The home colors being displayed on and around the bleacher areas are not only affecting the players however. The fans are being pumped up as well, sitting in bleachers that are their bleachers cheering for their team. That extra energy turns into rowdier fans, louder cheers, a better fan experience, and more support for the home team.
  • Creating That Home Field Advantage. The team colors don’t stop with the uniforms on the field or banners in the stands. By installing custom powder-coated aluminum bleachers at your venue, those colors can now flow from the field or court right up into the bleachers. With the fans wearing the home team colors as well, the bleachers turn into a sea of home team color, leaving no doubt whose home field this game is being played on.

Powder coated bleachers can add distinction

Powder-coating turns the drab into fab when it comes to aluminum bleachers. While displaying and providing all of the above advantages, powder coating brings life to and directs eyes toward specific, standout sections of your bleachers that you would like to have noticed.

These sections not only include the home team seating section, but other areas of distinction, such as the section of bleachers that the band and cheer squad regularly occupy, special VIP areas for distinguished alumni, community supporters, advertisers or other special guests, and the press box area, where the home games are called and regularly recorded.

Powder-coated aluminum bleachers are the perfect combination when considering easy to maintain, safe seating options that will make your fans and spectators feel at home for games, events, and attractions taking place on your field or court.


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