Quick Ship Concrete Picnic Tables Available For Those Who Want Sturdy, Low Maintenance Tables FAST

quick ship concrete picnic tables

Quick ship concrete picnic tables that can leave the warehouse on the way to your location in just a few days.

Quick ship concrete picnic tables in a few select styles can be transported from our warehouse to your location when you need a reliable table in a hurry.

And while these tables can be shipped in just a few days, with the durability characteristics of concrete, they last a very, very long time.

The quick ship concrete picnic tables from The Park and Facilities Catalog are manufactured with a blend of granite and concrete.

The parts are reinforced with 3/8-inch diameter steel rebar that makes them sturdy and keeps them upright.

Now while some people might think concrete products are plain and ugly, our tables are not.

Our tabletops are polished to a high gloss, which gives these tables a smooth, attractive appearance. (And by the way, makes them easier to keep clean).

For quick ship, we have these models available in limited quantities:

324-1192 Polished Concrete Square Picnic Tables – Ground Concrete Misty Gray and Ground Concrete Gray with Gray Leg color

Or Ground Concrete Sand, Brown or Brick Red with Buff Leg Color only

324-1080 – Polished Concrete Round Picnic Tables – Ground Concrete Sand with Buff

324-1193 – Polished ADA Concrete Picnic Tables with cutout that is wheelchair accessible – ask about color availability

For regular, non-rush orders, other colors include ground concrete brick red, brown, gray, misty gray or sand. Legs can be buff or gray-colored.

quick ship picnic tables

ADA quick ship concrete picnic tables with wheelchair access

Beneficial qualities of concrete picnic tables

As a building material, concrete is just incredible.

That is why, after water, concrete is the most prevalent substance on Earth.

Concrete is used worldwide to build roads, buildings, sidewalks, pipes, commercial site furnishings and other products, more than any other material on the planet.

(Many people interchange the word “cement picnic tables” with concrete, but concrete is actually the end product of mixing cement powder with aggregate materials).

Here are some characteristics of this magic material:

  • Strength – e.g. concrete was used to build the Hoover Dam.
  • Durability
  • Resilience
  • Resistant – Won’t burn, rust or rot
  • Low Maintenance – most concrete picnic tables can be cleaned with just soap and water.
  • Safety
  • Security – the quick ship picnic tables weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They must be off-loaded with a forklift. Unless thieves have heavy equipment, these tables aren’t going anywhere.
  • Design – concrete can be created in a number of different shapes, such as curved benches
  • Green – manufacturing these products leaves a low carbon footprint, lower than similar products built with other materials
  • Recyclable – as aggregate material that can be reused in roads and parking lots for example.

Another major benefit, our concrete picnic tables are made right here in the USA.

With our quick ship concrete picnic tables you won’t sacrifice quality for fast shipping. We just stockpile certain popular models from our regular line of picnic tables for our ParkExpress program.

Note: while we can load these picnic tables on a truck from the warehouse in just a few business days, that does not count travel time to your location. Obviously that time will vary based on proximity to the warehouse.

Also note, because these items are in-stock, the quantity is limited to four or less.

However, always feel free to give our expert staff a call. There are situations where we may be able to fulfill larger orders or to expedite the shipping of other concrete picnic tables.

Be sure to add concrete trash receptacles

Also, when ordering quick ship picnic tables, don’t forget concrete trash receptacles to keep the area litter-free.

quick ship concrete trash receptacles

Quick ship concrete trash receptacles. A must to gather trash from people using those picnic tables.

We have several varieties of concrete commercial trash cans that can be quick-shipped.

Since 2001, The Park and Facilities Catalog has sent concrete picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles to thousands of parks, schools, colleges, retail stores, office buildings and other facilities around the county.

We understand that at times park and facility managers are in a hurry to add site furnishings. Many prefer the durability, security and low maintenance of products manufactured with concrete.

We can handle your request. Feel free to call our expert staff for more information and assistance.

As we said, we know people want top-grade, concrete-based products.

We specifically made it a point to keep extra quick ship concrete picnic tables in-stock as part of our ParkExpress program, so they are available to you in a short time frame.







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