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Commercial Park Benches – Exciting New Options For Landscape Architects, Designers And Facility Managers

commercial park benches

Commercial Park Benches are pushing new boundaries when it comes to innovative designs for outdoor environments. Now might be a good time for landscape architects, designers and facility managers to take a look at some of the options available to them. Let’s start with design. A park bench doesn’t have to look like an old-fashioned park bench. One example of ... Read More »

Commercial Park Benches Available In Contemporary (And Less Costly) Aluminum Models

commercial park benches

Commercial Park Benches come in many varieties, but one of the alternatives many people overlook are aluminum benches. Sure, at most parks and facilities you see metal benches or seating made with wood, cement or recycled plastic. But aluminum is an incredible metal.  For one, there’s plenty of it. In fact, Aluminum is the third most prevalent element on earth ... Read More »

Enjoy A Healthy Boost By Sitting On Park Benches Or Walking In The Great Outdoors

park benches at dusk

Can sitting outside on park benches make you healthier? Can standing under a tree make you happier? Can walking in the woods calm you down? Are you looking to have more energy, less stress, better focus, and greater immunity paired with faster recovery times? You may think it would take a miracle medicine to accomplish all of that in one setting. ... Read More »

Hey Congress, Why Not Help Out a Park?

Grand Canyon National Park

National parks are in trouble. According to park officials, there is an $11 billion backlog of work that needs to be done. That means there is a need for more park benches, roads, charcoal grills and outdoor trash cans. As anyone involved with a park knows, parks are usually on the lower rung when it comes to funding in national ... Read More »