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Simple, Space-Saving Wall-Mount Bike Rack Systems Meet The Needs Of Cyclists

wall mount bike racks save space

By Gerald Dlubala The simple aesthetics of an organized bike room or bike storage space laid out with an attractive, space saving, wall mount bike rack should be enough to provide adequate bicycle parking. But when you add in zoning laws, bike room standards, tight spaces and other challenges for planners and designers, these vertical bike racks are now the must, ... Read More »

Vertical Bike Rack Featured In Bicycle Retailer Magazine

vertical bike rack in Bicycle retailer

The unique, space-saving DoubleUp vertical bike rack, designed by Sustainable Sites and offered by The Park and Facilities Catalog, was recently featured in an issue of  Bicycle Retailer magazine. Bicycle Retailer is the “bible” for the bicycle industry. Their website generates 225,000 monthly visits on average. The print magazine is sent to 27,000 readers. The magazine has been the lead bicycle ... Read More »

Eliminating Obstacles to Increased Bike Commuting

bike commuter

By Gerald Dlubala “The increased number of bike users is very encouraging, given the less than ideal, and sometimes downright dangerous conditions, having to compete with extremely heavy motor vehicle traffic. But given the opportunity, people will take to the streets by bicycle.” That’s the findings of a recent study, (October 2015), performed by Transportation Alternatives, a street safety advocacy ... Read More »

Park Catalog Introduces DoubleUp Vertical Bike Racks to Maximize Bike Room Space in Apartments or Office Buildings

doubleup vertical bike racks

Bicycle parking in apartment and office buildings is now one of the hottest new trends in the construction industry. However, finding enough space to park a large number of bikes is a challenge, especially when that space is at a premium. The Park and Facilities Catalog has the solution – high-density DoubleUp vertical bike racks designed by Sustainable Sites that ... Read More »