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Custom Bike Racks Project Town Pride And Unique Identity

custom bike racks

Installing Custom Bike Racks with a town’s logo can be a way to reinforce pride in any municipality and provide adequate outdoor bicycle parking at the same time. Bellbrook is a beautiful city in southwest Ohio with a population of about 7,000 (according to the 2010 US Census). The town started back in 1816 and notable former residents include writer ... Read More »

Commercial Bike Racks Offered In Several Designs For Different Environments And Needs

commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Racks are not all the same and different products are best suited for different situations. Take the low-profile grid rack at a vacation property in Hilton Head, SC. This commercial bike rack was installed near one of the pools at the community. They chose this smaller type of commercial bike rack for a reason – to be unobtrusive. ... Read More »

Commercial Bike Racks In The Shape Of A Bee Reinforce The Brand And Create “Buzz”

commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Racks with a logo is an inexpensive yet highly visible way to reinforce the brand identity of a company. And for one business, a fantastic way to generate some buzz! Just look at the Queen Bee Cafes and their unique custom bike racks for example. The Queen Bee cafes are non-profit restaurants located in the Seattle area and ... Read More »

How Does Your City Rank For Bicycling Infrastructure Such As Networked Streets, Buffered Bike Lanes And Bike Parking (Outdoor Bike Racks)

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The organization PeopleForBikes just released its latest list of the Top Places for Bikes and included in the methodology is the availability of bicycle parking determined by the number of spaces and outdoor bike racks. The top five cities named in the ratings were: Boulder, CO Fort Collins, CO Eugene, OR Manhattan, NY Arlington, VA Ranking based on factors from ... Read More »