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Commercial Bike Racks Can Be Made Into Unique Shapes Like The Coil Rack At Arts And Science Center

commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Racks with a custom look can add an interesting twist to any landscape. That’s exactly what happened at The Living Arts & Science Center in Lexington, KY. The center is an interesting, unique and active facility that offers more than 400 arts and science classes and workshops for children and adults. More than 40,000 local residents are involved ... Read More »

Custom Bike Racks, Such As This Shark Outdoor Bike Rack, Add PizzazzTo Any Town, School or Business

custom bike racks

Have you ever considered the benefits of adding Custom Bike Racks with fins, tails, and teeth to your town, business or school? That’s what the City of Haysville in Kansas did recently when they installed a custom bike rack in the shape of a shark at their beautiful, new activity center. At the center, built in 2017, the recreation department ... Read More »

How College Sustainability Departments Lead In Strategies To Reduce, Recycle And Reuse Earth’s Resources

sustainability departments

There’s a quiet movement taking place on college campuses across the US that will have a tremendous impact on changing attitudes in the future about our planet’s resources. That movement involves the creation of sustainability departments on nearly every college campus these past 10 years and their efforts to implement and promote best practices to reduce our impact on the ... Read More »