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Concrete Bollards Are Crucial To Separating Cars From Pedestrians and Buildings

concrete bollards

By Gerald Dlubala Bollards as protective devices have been used going back to the late 1700s, when the first ones were crafted using everything from heavy tree trunks to old, vertically planted cannon barrels to the modern concrete bollards used today. As they have become more sophisticated, modernized, and more skillfully manufactured, concrete bollards are now more personalized and aesthetically ... Read More »

Mind the Parking Bollards – Do You Realize How Many Lives these Little Traffic Control Devices have Saved for Centuries?

parking bollards

People see them every day. Few probably know what they are. But these often overlooked traffic-controlling devices have an incredibly long history of stopping vehicles, steering pedestrians and saving lives. They are called bollards. Parking bollards (also known as traffic control bollards) are basically those unassuming posts you see sticking out of the ground in various locations – on streets, ... Read More »